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Amodern, responsive website is crucial to the online success of most of our clients. For this reason alone, our approach to responsive design is detailed and comprehensive. Our dedicated and experienced team is focused on creating fluid, intuitive and professional websites that engage users and generate leads for our clients.

All of our websites utilise content management systems (CMS) that allow clients to easily and effectively update and manage daily website operations without the need for programming knowledge.

We provide each client with professional, friendly service and first class support to ensure their online presence is second to none, modern and easily maintained. Additionally, our background, experience and efficiency allows us to offer superior services at budget-friendly prices.

Afluid web design allows your website to be easily accessible to a wide audience. Anyone across the planet with a web browser and internet access can view and use your website, no matter the device. How’s that for broad reach!

Have a new tablet (iPad, Surface, etc.)? The surge in tablet sales means millions of internet users are viewing websites at a screen resolution somewhere between that of a laptop and smart phone. No worries, a responsive website looks great on tablets too.

At SEO Digital Solutions, we prepare for the future, not the present. Is your new business website ready for the future, or will it require a complete redesign and tech upgrade in a couple years? With us your responsive website is built to grow and expand with your business for years to come.

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    Why Responsive Web Design?

    The Benefits Of Responsive Website Design & Development

    • Time And Cost Savings

      Responsive web design eliminates the need for a second, separate website that is displayed to mobile viewers. With responsive design, one website is developed to adjust and display proportionately across multiple devices (desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones). Less development time, fewer updates and reduced maintenance hours mean considerable savings for business website project.

    • Enhanced User Experience

      A responsive design does not shrink text and images to fit the screen. Instead, responsive technology allows a site to adapt to the device’s resolution and dimensions, realigning content and formatting it for the given frame. This provides viewers with a site that is easier to read, navigate and interact with.

    • Distinct SEO Value

      Responsive websites have one URL and the same HTML coding. This makes it more efficient for search engines to crawl, index, and organize content.

      Additionally, the alternative to responsive design is separate websites for separate device types, or a mobile app that has no SEO value. A single responsive website deploys your SEO efforts through multiple web instances.

    • Extended Audience Reach

      Worldwide smartphone shipments topped a record 1.4 billion in 2015. The surge in mobile device sales has led to a dramatic increase in web surfing and online searches from these devices — as one would expect. If your business website is not multi-device friendly, simply, your business’ online presence is limited and your online sales leads are probably a fraction of what they can be.

    • Consolidated Analytics & Reporting

      A single responsive site means that you don’t have to track visits, conversion paths, funnels and redirections between websites. Site statistics tools like Google Analytics are now optimized to handle multiple devices and responsive reporting. All analytics can be condensed into a single report, allowing for easier monitoring and analysis.