Advantages Of Google AdWords Management Services

Properly Managed AdWords Campaigns Will Improve Performance And Achieve Greater Return-On-Investment



In-Depth Data Analysis

Our Google AdWords management services are just as much data analysis as they are creative marketing. While proper marketing requires a good grasp on how different tactics work, highly successful PPC campaigns require implementing strategies based on in-depth analysis from many data sources.


Keyword Research

In addition to the AdWords Keyword Planner tool, we utilize several third party software tools to discover keyword and phrase ideas that are relevant to your product or service, and landing page. We then analyze elements like search volume, predicted clicks and estimated conversions to help construct forecasts. With this keyword data, and valuable client input, we begin the first phase of crafting a highly targeted Google AdWords campaign — keywords are sorted into ad groups, each group being specific to a conversion goal.

Competitive Analysis

At the start, we run analyzers on your competitors domains. This data helps to determine what combination of keywords and ad copy are having the most success for competitors. Ongoing, we perform weekly analysis via tools like AdWords Auction Insights to get details on who is competing for the same ad space, and how your ads are performing against theirs. We have access to statistics such as: ad position, impression share, outranking share, and more. We use this data to continually optimize your AdWords campaigns for max performance.

Ad Copy Research

Unlike other advertisers that tend to over-utilise dynamic keyword insertion and redundant ad copy, we focus on discovering the “end goal” of visitors to your landing pages. We focus on search intent, then create ads designed to help achieve the users “end goal” via your product or service. Creating effective ad copy requires an in-depth analysis of successful ads within the same niche. Additionally, regular A/B ad split testing ensures your ads do not become stale, and that your ad groups are always displaying ads with the greatest conversion rates.



AdWords Campaign Optimisation Basics

Our ongoing AdWords management services refine campaign performance, and focus on continually increasing conversion rates. A decade of experience and an obsession with conversion rate optimisation (CRO) enables us to provide leading AdWords results.


Ad Budet & Bid Management

For most SEO Digital Solution clients, PPC campaigns have a bid management goal focused on increasing sales by driving conversions with a positive ROI.

We work with our clients to determine whether their business goals align with “quantity of conversions” or “amount of profit per conversion”. Each strategy has its own set of benefits — certain benefits may be more desirable to particular clients. Next, we consider return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). ROAS can be measured in different ways (AdWords conversion tracking, Google Analytics goals, or offline conversion import). Value preferences differ: a value can reflect the profit on items sold, another value can reflect total revenue per sale.

With this knowledge we refine the preferred budget and bid strategy to maximise return-on-investment for our clients.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is where we outperform the competition — by a digital mile. Our industry leading conversion rates are the result of years of digital marketing experience combined with a strong data analysis skill set.

Beyond writing compelling and click-worthy ads, our AdWords management services include in-depth landing page optimisation. Without doubt, the landing page is most vital to achieving conversions.

It is here that you want the visitor to performa a call-to-action that is of high value. Accordingly, it is the landing page that requires exceptional detail to optimisation strategies.

From design to functionality, compelling headlines to targeted ad copy, and creative calls-to-action to user friendly lead capture forms, we optimize your ads and landing pages to achieve superior conversion results.

Keyword Quality Score Improvement

Keyword quality score has a major impact on both the success of your AdWords campaigns, and the cost you pay for ad clicks.

Relevance is key to improving quality score. We focus on keyword grouping within small, highly targeted ad groups. Additionally, we optimise the landing pages associated with these ad groups. We continue until the keyword, ad headline, ad copy, and landing page are all optimised on a common theme.

We further enhance quality scores by utilizing the most effective match types for your keywords (broad, modified broad, phrase, exact, and negative match). Using the right match type for each keyword along with the other enhancement techniques will lower average cost-per-click, increase impression share, and improve overall account performance — all in one fell swoop.



Advanced AdWords Optimization

At SEO-Digital, we know the AdWords platform inside and out. We stay updated on any new features and changes, and we always test features to understand how we can utilize them to improve campaign performance. From automated scripts to enhanced CPC, we make sure our clients’ AdWords campaigns utilize the right tools and perform at their fullest potential.


Ad Remarking and Retargeting

We utilize AdWords Remarketing to show your ads to people who have previously visited your website without converting. Since visitors already have an interest in your product/service, showing relevant ads to them via remarketing helps you to reconnect as they continue to browse the web, visit other sites, or search on Google.

Benefits of Google AdWords Remarketing:

  • Reach people when they’re most likely to buy.
  • Customize remarketing lists to achieve specific advertising goals.
  • Extensive reach: Reconnect with previous visitors as they use Google and browse 2+ million websites and mobile apps.
  • Price efficiency: Remarket with automated bid strategies (CPA, ROAS). Real-time bidding calculates the optimal bid, helping you win the ad auction with the best price.
  • Visibility into how your campaigns are performing, where your ads are showing, and what price you’re paying.

More on AdWords Remarketing

Manual Bidding And Bid Adjustments

Google AdWords offers several automated bidding options. By default, AdWords is set to Automatic CPC — bids will fluctuate based on your daily budget, trying to get your ads as many clicks as possible.

Why We Use Only Manual Bidding. In AdWords, manual bidding is definitely preferable for achieving superior conversion results. While some smaller advertisers, with extremely limited time for management, may see moderate results with the set-it-and-forget-it characteristics of automatic bidding, our clients require optimization well beyond the basics. We take control of the bidding process, manually, and tweak each and every keyword for maximum results. With manual bidding we are able to change cost-per-click when we feel fit, and can test bids for positioning and conversion potential. Having this control allows us to achieve superior AdWords results.

Bid Adjustments: The AdWords bid adjustment feature allows us to display your ads more or less frequently based on where, when, and how people search. We set a bid adjustment as a percentage of current bid. For instance, we can adjust a $1.00 bid to add 20% for mobile devices only — the new bid for ads displayed on mobile devices will be $1.20.

Google allows several types of bid adjustments including: mobile, location, ad scheduling, top content, targeting, and remarketing lists for search advertising.

IP Exclusions And Frequency Capping

IP Exclusion is a valuable AdWords feature that allows us to exclude specific IP addresses, limiting display of your ads on particular networks (ones you believe are not likely to produce conversions or sales). The immediate benefit is reduced costs associated with clicks that will never, or very rarely lead to a sale.

IP Exclusion examples:

  • Excluding IP addresses of competitors. Why? They’re probably clicking on your ads — it may be for malicious reasons, but more often your competitors are clicking your ads to see how you rank and how your ads may be better than theirs.
  • We may exclude the IP address of your own company’s network. Why? Your employees regularly search your website on Google, where your ads sometimes show. Unwanted ad impressions and inadvertent clicks are costly — IP exclusion ensures your employees are not dwindling your ad budget.

Frequency Capping, in simple terms, limits the number of times your ads appear to each unique user. This option allows us to decide how many times each ad will display to a user in a day, week or month.

Care and consideration are required with capping, but when used properly it limits impressions to uninterested users, and improves quality score, position and click-through-rate.



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